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Advanced EAL Certification

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EAL Facilitator Certification

Chase your Dreams

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EAL Facilitator Certification

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EAL Facilitator Certification

Chase your Dreams

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Continued Education and Advanced EAL Certification in North Carolina

Take your Equine Assisted Learning career to the next level with our Advanced EAL Certification program at Dreamwinds in North Carolina. Partnered with Cartier Farms, which provides an award-winning, research-based Equine Assisted Learning Building Block Certification Program, we are thrilled to be jointly launching our new Advanced EAL Certification. This is the only certification program of its kind in the world.

Grow your knowledge, credibility, and business through the new EAL Advanced Certification Program.   Now, graduates of our EAL Certification program and those who are Certified Facilitators of the Building Block Curriculum can continue their EAL education and stay on the leading edge of the EAL industry!

  • Flexible Points-Based Program
  • Multiple Levels of Certification
  • Opportunities to Specialize
  • All Your Choice and At Your Pace

Why Grow Your Career with Dreamwinds Continuing Education?

Do you want to grow your career? Our new Advanced Equine Assisted Learning Certification Program affords you the perfect opportunity to achieve higher status in the industry.

  • Grow Your Knowledge
  • Gain Specialized Expertise
  • Increase Your Credibility

We understand there is more to creating a successful EAL business than just an amazing curriculum.   Our continuing education program offers a balanced training approach to ensure mastery in the areas of Personal Development, Program Development, and Business Development.

Self Development

Continue to grow personally, building confidence and achieving peak performance for professional success.

Program Development

Learn new and innovative ways to use the Building Block Curriculum for different clients and situations.

Business Development

Build your business acumen and stay on top of the latest trends to get clients in the door.

Not only do we provide you with an opportunity to hone your Equine Assisted Learning skills, but you can also earn points for engaging in continuing education activities that lead to the certification of Advanced EAL Facilitator.  You’ll be able to choose from one-hour seminars or half-day workshops to two-day symposiums offered in person and online across the three critical success areas of Personal Development, Program Development, and Business Development.

Advanced EAL Certification Program Goals

The goal of the Advanced EAL Certification Program is to create best-in-class Certified EAL Facilitators who have the attitude, the programs, and the business skills to create and run leading-edge Equine Assisted Learning programs. Our mission is to build a strong community of exceptional EAL facilitators who are committed to building their businesses and their industry and supporting their fellow members in their EAL pursuits. All boats rise with the tide and together we will work to ensure the world understands and embraces the benefits of Equine Assisted Learning in all capacities of life.

As an EAL Centre of Excellence, Dreamwinds will deliver a robust training experience across all areas of Equine Assisted Learning, from personal development to mental health support to corporate training and all points in between.   Program flexibility is the key to success.  Graduates will have choices in how they grow their knowledge, allowing them to specialize in areas that matter most to their own EAL business.

Obtaining Advanced EAL Certification

All graduates certified in the Building Block Curriculum are eligible to attend Advanced Certification Continuing Education Programs to help grow their knowledge, experience, and businesses.

Advanced EAL Certification Points Accumulation System

Because we are passionate about helping you achieve your goals, we have created the EAL Points Accumulation system to allow you to choose your own path to continuing education. Gain extra knowledge in areas of interest, level up your EAL Facilitator Certification, or go for your Advanced EAL Facilitator Certification.  The choice is always yours.

Earn points every time you attend an eligible apprenticeship opportunity, sign up for coaching, take a seminar or workshop or attend an annual symposium.

Example of Points System:

Certification Programs:

  • Earn 500 points to achieve EAL Facilitator Level 2 Certification.
  • Each additional 500 points after EAL Level 2 certification reaches another level (3,4,5)
  • 2500 points earns the opportunity to complete the challenge exam (written & practical) to earn the title Advanced EAL Facilitator

To achieve each level and the title of Advanced EAL Facilitator, you must obtain points across the three key success areas as follows:

  • Personal Development = 30% of points earned
  • Program Development = 40% of points earned
  • Business Development = 30% of points earned

Eligible Programs:

  • Events/Workshops/Webinars/Clinics
  • EAL Accelerator Program (6+ months)
  • Apprenticeship Programs as Specified
  • Symposiums
  • And more…

Check back often on our calendar for eligible learning opportunities!

Take the Next Step

Take the next step in your Equine Assisted Learning career with our Advanced EAL Certification program at Dreamwinds in North Carolina. Through continued education, self-development, program development, and business development, this program will equip you with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field. Invest in your professional growth and expand your career opportunities with our Advanced EAL Certification program at Dreamwinds. Contact us today for more information.