Be Your Own Great Leader…

Be Your Own Great Leader

We had another inspiring and empowering Ladies Night! I may be here to teach, but I am always amazed at how much I learn. Tonight our exercise focused on leading through uncertainty. We partnered the ladies up and had them lead each other blindfolded through a number of obstacles.  We discussed what we look for in a leader in general and what the most important traits are during uncertain times.


Our horses didn’t disappoint as they guided the learning and inspired new thinking.  Just like us, in the absence of good leadership they can get distracted , they question authority and sometimes just disengage all together.   The ladies shared what they learned about their expectations of a great leader…be positive, have confidence, be a cheerleader, have a vision/plan and be trustworthy.   All definitely great attributes to get the best out of your team.   I then challenged them to think about how they activate those traits within themselves when faced with uncertainty.  An interesting thought.  Many had plenty of examples of how they don’t…me included.   Negative self-talk, lack of confidence, unsure of what to do next and how to focus.   Sound a little familiar? Funny how we expect so much of others and so little of ourselves at times.

We all need to be our own great leader everyday and especially in times of uncertainty. What we say to ourselves, expect of ourselves and challenge ourselves to do and be will make or break us. So when the going gets tough – be positive, have confidence, be your own biggest fan, remind yourself of your vision and put a plan in place.  Then most importantly put some trust in you and leaIMG_0115d on…

Tell me…When faced with uncertainty, how do you lead yourself through it?  Are you your own great leader?  

Thank you ladies for a wonderful evening! I think that is the sun setting on our negative self-talk in the background!  Can’t wait until next month! 🙂

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