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Corporate Team Building Events

Book your fun, engaging and results-driven corporate team building day at Dreamwinds today
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Corporate Team Building Events
Book your fun, engaging and results-driven corporate team building day at Dreamwinds today
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Corporate Team Building Events: Do They Actually Work?

If there are three words the typical employee hates, it is corporate team building. Let’s face it – everyone would rather get along well with their co-workers, but many rah-rah sessions only serve to bring temporary change while employees are out of the office and away from the issues that cause friction in the first place.

While activities such as paintball may be fun, many fail to achieve lasting impact. According to Dr. Scott Simmerman, behavioral neurophysiologist specializing in organization performance and Managing Partner of Performance Management Company, “A good teambuilding game design, one allowing teams to make choices, can link beautifully to a debriefing focused on making better choices for improving and optimizing organizational improvement.”¹

Equine Assisted Learning, facilitated in a corporate team building context, allows participants to choose alternatives in order to generate better collaboration and to align their goals and shared outcomes. By cultivating a cohesive and productive team, you can develop:

corporate team building
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher motivation levels
  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced innovation

Dreamwinds Corporate Team Building Events

Here at Dreamwinds, we often see the breakthroughs that happen when teams take a break from their comfort zone and daily routine. Using a unique approach, we are able to help improve communication, build character and help forge deeper connections between the people who are the heart of companies. We see instant results that promote lasting change.

Our unique approach is truly unique and tailored to our corporate clients’ needs.

The Dreamwinds Corporate Team Building Events Difference

Our beautiful horses are more than just team building partners. They work closely with our facilitators to provide performance reviews in real time. Highly attuned to their surroundings and highly sensitive, their feedback is invaluable.

Equine assisted learning provides unparalleled opportunities for increased self awareness and self-reflection, which means that clients own their personal development. There’s no passing the buck (or the horse, in this case!).

Most people love horses, and show a strong desire to make a success of their activities with their equine team mate. Their motivation to change tends to create on-the-spot changes. Such enlightening experiences tend to result in learning and behavior that sticks.

Our knowledgeable facilitators come from corporate backgrounds. They have experienced the same challenges you have experienced and they have the innate ability to translate activities from the arena back to your worklife.

Book your fun, engaging and results-driven corporate team building day at Dreamwinds today.


¹Are Team Building Exercises a Waste of Money?


Horses are the masters of leadership and teamwork. The skills and behaviours needed to work successfully with our horses are the same skills and behaviours that will take your team’s performance to the next level. As you work as a team, your horse partners will act as a realtime performance review, providing honest feedback as you go.  You will not only learn, but experience what it takes to get it right creating lasting learning.

Results Driven

The foundation of our team building events is our proven experiential Equine Assisted Learning curriculum. Each exercise has been carefully developed and tested through research and is objective-based allowing us to customize your experience to meet your team’s specific needs.  You can rest assured that we will exceed your expectations as you build the skills you set out to learn through an experience you will never forget.

Professional Facilitators

Our team of Certified EAL Facilitators are carefully selected for their passion, professionalism and diverse backgrounds. We have walked in your shoes. We get it. We speak your language. We will wow you as we link your experience with our horses clearly to the challenges and opportunities you face every day while helping you build the skills and behaviours of high performing teams.

Sample Packages

Mini BreakthroughMost Popular$

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  • Facilitated Learning Session
  • 2 Exercises (2.5 hrs)
  • Use of Horses
  • All equipment & materials
  • Light Morning Refreshments

Full-Day Game ChangerMost Popular$

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  • Facilitated Learning Session
  • 4 Exercises (7 hrs)
  • Use of Horses & all equipment & materials
  • Light Morning Refreshments
  • Catered Lunch