Distributed Virtual Teams – Team Connections

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Distributed Virtual Teams – Team Connections

Creating Real Team Connections in a Virtual World

A study by Flexjobs found that remote job advertising increased by 52% in the last two years, which signals strong, sustained growth in opportunities for people who wish to telecommute, and for companies looking to reduce costs and the environmental impact of commuting, and increase productivity and staff morale. One of the main reasons why companies choose to outsource, is that it enables them to retain the best talent from around the globe.

Proactive Team Building for Distributed Teams

The one downside to distributed teams, is the fact that there may be less of a personal connection between team members. Virtual communication has been shown to result in miscommunication, which may result in members dropping the ball. A lack of engagement can translate into major issues for a remote team.

When people like, personally know, and trust other team members, they are more likely to work together more collaboratively to ensure the success of both team and individual.

As the leader of an organization built on a remote team, it is crucial to remain cognizant of the pitfalls of ignoring personal engagement between team members. You can ensure effective working relationships by proactively creating opportunities for your employees to connect in person. Do this by booking a team building program that focuses on:

  • Building communication skills
  • Understanding individual communication styles
  • Group problem solving
  • Leadership development
  • And camaraderie.

Personal connections, shared experiences and real skill building will ensure remote teams stay committed, engaged and perform at their best to deliver bottom line results to their organizations.

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