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EAL Certification Program

A career that will make your dreams a reality!

  • Want to turn your passion for horses into a fulfilling career?
  • Longing for a job that leaves a lasting impression, changes lives?
  • Looking to grow the profitability of your current equine business?
  • Want to work in an EAL Centre helping others through horses?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, an EAL Career may be the answer!

Dreamwinds, in partnership with Cartier Farms, is proud to offer the most comprehensive Equine Assisted Learning Training with a dedication to supporting the continued growth and success of our graduates throughout their career!

  • EAL Facilitator Certification – for those dreaming of running their own EAL programs to help others through horses
  • EAL Assistant Program – for those assisting a Certified EAL Facilitator trained in the delivery of the Building Block Curriculum Equine Assisted Learning programs
  • Advanced EAL Facilitator Certification – for graduates of the Cartier/Dreamwinds EAL Facilitator Certification who are seeking to increase their knowledge, training and qualifications in the field of EAL.

We are proud to be the one and only partner of Cartier Farms, the founders of the Building Block Curriculum and Cartier Equine Assisted Learning Certification Program. For decades, equine-assisted learning has proven to help develop both life and leadership skills for all participants, no matter their experience or ability.

With our certification you will receive the training, hands-on experience, proven curriculum, on-going support and the confidence you need to run your own EAL programs right away!  It’s a “Business in a Box”!  Our extensive graduate support programs including ongoing coaching, Advanced EAL Certification, Continuing Education programs and our NEW EAL Assistant Program ensures our graduates will continue to have the support and tools to successfully build their EAL career with Dreamwinds and Cartier Farms.

Why Dreamwinds ?

You have a choice in EAL Certification and we want you to be confident that the choice you make best suits the needs of the clients you choose to serve. We want you to learn from the best and have every opportunity for success. Our program, experience and post-graduate support is second to none in the industry offering:

Proven EAL Exercise Curriculum - 12 exercises tested and proven through research. A turn-key program!

Award winning EAL Centre & the only satellite facility in the world licensed by Cartier Farms, the founders of the original Building Block (TM) Program.

Certification for life! No ongoing certification requirements and the freedom to run your business as you choose.

Unparalleled post graduate support. 12 week group coaching program, 1 on 1 personalized coaching, ongoing support through lifetime alumni membership.

Lifetime alumni membership. Be part of an incredible international group of passionate EAL facilitators dedicated to supporting each other's growth and success.

The ONLY EAL program that offers Advanced EAL Certification & Continuing Education and EAL Assistant Program for continued growth.

EAL Facilitator Course Information

Your time is valuable, so we have created this 5-day intensive, all inclusive program that certifies you in the field of EAL and most importantly provides you the license to deliver the renowned Cartier Farms EAL Program Curriculum.   This curriculum was developed and tested through research to deliver quantifiable results. An objective-based learning program, each exercise is designed and tested to teach specific objectives providing you with a credible and respected program that can be adapted to serve a wide variety of clients. Our program, experience and post graduate support is second to none in the EAL Industry.   More than just a course…it’s your new “career in a box”.

EAL Certification Course Includes:

Interactive classroom time learning everything you need to know to create your programs, leverage the proven Building Block Curriculum and get clients in the door!

  • Covering the Basics
  • Facilitating-vs-Teaching
  • Understanding Herd Behavior
  • Group problem Solving
  • Maintaining Quality EAL Horses
  • Briefing & explanation of daily exercise delivery
  • Marketing 101 – Branding, Launching & Growing your Business

Afternoons are spent working with real clients.  Through hands-on experience you will learn:

  • How the program works & how to produce it
  • To facilitate the program objectives to achieve the outcomes
  • How each exercise can stand on its own or build upon each other
  • To create safe learning, through evaluation of environment and participants
  • How to recognize red flags and defuse situations using open ended questions
  • The importance of timing and feel (when to move in when to stand back)
  • Observation skills: watching body language of horses and participants to allow facilitators to guide the journey & link the equine experience to life
  • How to choose & maintain lesson horses: re-schooling and assessing suitability to create long-term teachers

We pride ourselves on our alumni support program.  We are with you every step of the way and you get everything you need to get up and running right away including:

  • Your own hard copy EAL Text Book and Book of 12 EAL Exercises
  • USB containing:
    • handouts, journals & objectives for each exercise
    • information on starting your own business
    • research study information summaries
  • Lifetime Membership in our exclusive alumni group with unlimited EAL program support from the Cartier Program Founders and Dreamwinds
  • Access to our exclusive Advanced EAL Certification Program
  • 3-month EAL Accelerator Business Coaching Program.  Includes 2 hours of personal coaching with Master Instructor and 12 weekly group calls to support the launch and growth of your business!
  • NEW!  Monthly Community Connection Call.  Mastermind format hosted by Master Instructor to connect, share and empower each other
  • NEW!  Quarterly Community In-Person Dinner series.  Rotating regional evening events with Master Instructor and local speaker to connect and grow together
  • Your Investment:
    • Dreamwinds and Ontario Locations : $4995 USD
    • Outside of Ontario: $4995 USD + Portion of Instructor Travel Costs


**Participants have received approval for GRANT FUNDING previously from:

  • Veteran’s Affairs – Veterans transitioning into new career
  • Ontario Trillium Grant – Non-profit organizations adding EAL to program offerings
  • Canada Ontario Job Grant and BC Job Grants – Employers sponsoring employee training

Upcoming Courses and Programs

NEW!! EAL Assistant Program

Dreamwinds EAL Assistant Course

Become a qualified EAL Assistant!  Build the skills and knowledge you
need to effectively support a Certified EAL Facilitator in running their EAL programs.  Not everyone is looking to run their own EAL business, but many are supporting those that do or would like to.   This course will provide you with critical knowledge of the Cartier EAL Building Block Curriculum and how the program is designed and executed to enable you to help your Certified EAL Facilitator deliver safer and even more impactful programs.
It is recommended that you be sponsored by or affiliated with a Cartier/Dreamwinds Certified EAL Facilitator.

What you will learn:

    • The fundamentals of the Cartier EAL Building Block Curriculum & Form of Delivery
    • How to set up and tear down an EAL exercise
    • How to quickly assess EAL horses and reset them
    • How to guide the learning journey – the art of facilitation
  • Understanding escalation/de-escalation & challenges when authorized by a Certified EAL Facilitator
  • How to effectively self-evaluate and continuously improve

Program Format:

  • 2 half days of online training
    • Classroom Theory, Fundamentals of EAL & The Cartier Curriculum
  • 1 day of Hands-on training in the role of EAL Assistant with your Certified Mentor

Benefits to the Certified EAL Facilitator:

  • Skilled, qualified support team
  • Improved quality programming
  • Improved arena safety
  • Assistance setting up, facilitating and tearing down exercises
  • Enhanced program set up tools

NOTE:  This program does not certify you to run your own programs and the Building Block Curriculum is not included.

COST:  $1250 USD

*Special rates available for team training (3 or more).

Cartier Farms EAL Certification Program

Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre is the only Certified Satellite Facility for the Original Cartier Farms EAL Certification Program.   The Cartier partnership spent 10 years researching the lasting benefits of EAL and hundreds of hours developing a user-friendly, flexible, teachable curriculum that others could learn and implement at a facility of their own.  Having built a successful EAL Business here in Ontario, Dreamwinds is proud to be licensed to offer the same life-changing program with the founding partners themselves that made it all possible.

Cartier Farms EAL certification courses have been tailored to meet both the equine and social service industries and they are now available here in Ontario at Dreamwinds! Cartier Farms has also partnered with the Saskatchewan Horse Federation to recognize and certify this unique and innovative Building Block™ Equine-Assisted Learning Certification Program© with the express intent of providing a standardized educational format for individuals interested in expanding their knowledge in the industry, as well as increase their business’ marketability and income potential.

This is the most comprehensive EAL Certification program available and has been developed and tested through research to provide a standardized curriculum of objective-based exercises that delivers proven results!

Our proven EAL program, extensive business experience and established track record of success will ensure that you have everything you need to be able to create:

  • Top Quality, Respected Programs
  • Life Changing Learning for Your Clients
  • A Lifetime Career Path For Your Horses
  • A Brand New Profitable Revenue Stream
  • And most importantly….The Life of Your Dreams

Travelling EAL Certification Academy

Can’t come to us? We will come to you!

Apply to be a host facility and pioneer the growth of EAL in your community!   Now the Original Cartier Farms EAL Certification Program is available WORLDWIDE.

  • Establish your facility at the forefront of EAL in your area
  • Hosts save $1500 on certification program
  • Save on travel costs and stress of leaving your farm
  • Give your horses valuable program experience with the help of trained facilitators
  • Receive valuable coaching on setting up and optimizing your facility for EAL
  • Afternoon programs with participants to facilitate practicum course component
  • Min of 4 safe horses, sound of mind/body with solid ground manners
  • Min of 2 participants to schedule course
  • Classroom space for morning course teachings
  • Indoor arena to ensure practicum experience in all weather
  • $4995 USD/person + Travel Costs for 2 Instructors
    • Travel Costs can be shared among participants and billed accordingly.
    • Host saves $1500 on course fee
    • Fees includes all course materials and marketing costs to obtain the course minimum of 6 participants.
    • $2500 deposit required to reserve date. Fully refundable in unlikely event that course minimums are not met.

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We are dedicated to your continued growth and success!

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