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EAL Testimonials

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EAL Testimonials
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EAL Testimonials
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Delivering the WOW Factor

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I chose to certify with Tracey and Dreamwinds because of Tracey’s authenticity and openness. I love this Form of EAL. It is about helping people build the skills they need to be successful in their lives. I feel Tracey embodies this in everything she does from teaching the course, to facilitating clients and living a life built around helping others. She never hesitates to share her knowledge, and tons of knowledge she has! She is always a true cheerleader and believes we are all in this together! Not just this certification, but all walks and avenues to equine assisted learning. This is what true leadership is! Thank-you Tracey!!

Monique GerberCertified EAL Facilitator

Miigwetch for the fantastic learning opportunity! The Equine Assisted Learning Certificate Program provided by Dreamwinds Farm is by far the most useful training I have attended. The split between in-class learning and experiential learning make this course exceptional. The facilitators provided a fun yet professional learning environment. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn hands on the activities and how to implement the Cartier building block program. I am looking forward to using this as a compliment to providing mental health services, in Northern Ontario. I will definitely recommend this program to anyone wishing to work with both horses and people!

Suzanne SpenceCertified EAL Facilitator

I graduated from the Dreamwinds EAL Facilitator Certification in 2015, and it has been an absolute dream come true. Not only did Tracey show me how to turn my work with horses in to an actual career, but she has continued to support me every step of the way. I continued to apprentice with Tracey after I graduated, and I still go to her for support with my program development and my business and marketing needs. I am blessed to be in this industry, and proud to be a Dreamwinds grad!

Megan SykesCertified EAL Facilitator, Chiron EAL Centre

I did my EAL certification with Dreamwinds two years ago. I was amazed by the level of organization and the quality of the program during my course. Two years later, with my own business running, I continue to be impressed by the level of ongoing support I get from Tracey at Dreamwinds. I have had many opportunities to apprentice and work with Tracey since. The quality of the programs run at Dreamwinds is fantastic. There is a high level of energy there that you won’t find anywhere else.

Maud RevelCertified EAL Facilitator, Horserizons EAL Centre

Equine Assisted Learning is a career change for me. After months of research I decided on the Cartier Farms program. The decision was a no brainer. A full course curriculum, University researched and proven results was the driving force to my enrollment. Great program!

Cindy FuerthCertified EAL Facilitator

My experience at Dreamwinds has been so enlightening. I felt accepted and supported in my learning journey, answering all questions and concerns for the future. The facility is beautiful and Tracey and Jenn are full of experience and knowledge to guide you with grace, to what you want to achieve to make your dreams come true – people and horses. Thank you, you have opened a door of opportunity for me that will change my life. Love and light.

Ellie Schneider-GibsonCertified EAL Facilitator, The Buffalo Farm

As an educator, having gone through this training, I feel confident that this program will assist students with learning skills they can take back to their academic lives and be successful. I’m excited to bring this program to schools, students, teachers, and head teachers.

Nancy WintonCertified EAL Facilitator – Equus EAL Centre London, UK

I had an extremely enjoyable week at Dreamwinds EAL Certification course. Tracey and Jenn were very knowledgeable, approachable, and enthusiastic. I not only feel prepared to take this next step on this journey, but feel as though I have gained many wonderful colleagues through this program, as well as ongoing support.

Danielle GoncalvesCertified EAL Facilitator

This week has been one of the most amazing weeks/experiences in my life. I learned so much on so different levels. I am so excited to share this amazing program with as many people as possible. Thank you with all my heart!

Lacey PiperCertified EAL Facilitator, South Algonquin Trails

My experience was extremely gratifying. I left the course with a feeling of pride and happiness knowing that I am able to help others with my knowledge of EAL. I made friendships that will be lasting and know that Gayle, Janice, and Tracey will always be there if I have questions or need help. Thank you for an awesome experience.

Tracey BennisonCertified EAL Facilitator

This outstanding program developed my leadership and teamwork skills. I made incredible connections through the facilitated exercises with your beautiful horses which will last forever. This horse to human dynamic expanded my personal and professional environment in policing as a critical incident stress management team member and as a councillor. This will allow me to make a difference in other’s lives. Thank you for this amazing experience!

Michelle VincentCertified EAL Facilitator

I found this EAL Facilitator Certification so beneficial for the better of my community youth programming and as an individual for continual growth and development. Thank you for an awesome experiential equine assisted learning week!

Marleen VoglCertified EAL Facilitator

My EAL facilitation course far exceeded my expectations! My intentions are to contract out to different facilities, but after hearing all of the very useful and helpful marketing information, I may want to consider other possibilities in the future. Thank you Tracey and Jenn!

Rayna MorrisonCertified EAL Facilitator

I took the EAL facilitation class and found it to be a wonderful experience. They had a professional approach (safe and trusting). I suffer from PTSD and found this to help with self-awareness. I feel more confident than I have in a long time. Thank you Dreamwinds EAL Centre for all of your knowledge and experience.

Tracy KerrCertified EAL Facilitator

When I attended your free information seminar I appreciated the fact you took the time to explain the differences between all the other certifications which were available. This allowed us to do our research and find the program we felt comfortable with. Since Dreamwinds/Cartier farms were the only program I knew about at the time, I could investigate on my own and decide which program best suited my needs. Once I figured out Dreamwinds/Cartier Farms was the program for me the questions started. I guess the most important one for me, was how was I going to run a program when I didn’t own my own facility and how it could be run while renting. You took the time to put me in touch with Maud,a graduate who was doing just that, who made herself available to answer any questions I had. From then on, I was hooked! Tracey, the time and guidance you provided to me, on several occasions, and still provide today, with no pressure sales, has been one of the best decisions I have made and I am proud to call you my Mentor.

Christine RozenburgCertified EAL Facilitator, Horse Logic EAL Centre

For anyone who is considering making their dreams of working with horses their job, this is an outstanding opportunity. I had been following Tracey Evans of Dreamwinds EAL Centre on Facebook and was intrigued by her enthusiasm with this program. I was hooked and needed to know more so I made the leap! Upon arriving at Dreamwinds, I was pleased with the material that was provided to us and the research that has gone into this program that teaches life skills using our equine friends. Tracey and her co-facilitator, Jenn, took us through the program and with our certification at the end of the week, we were sent home with the knowledge and the skills to start our own Equine Assisted Learning Program. Tracey has continued to help and support in any way she can so we to can be successful. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has a passion for horses and enjoys helping people. I would like to thank Tracey and Jenn for the week-long program. It was very rewarding!

Risa SykesCertified EAL Facilitator

I knew I wanted to combine my passion for horses and my love of helping people, but didn’t know where I should start. That was until I saw a post on Dreamwind’s facebook page telling me I could do just that. I knew at that moment that nothing would stop me from attending their EAL Facilitator Certification course. Tracey was easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable right from the first email. Walking in the front door on my first day of class, I was a wreck of anxiety. I own my own horses, and am an educational assistant, but the excitement of combining the two made me want to explode; however, Tracey smiled and welcomed me and I knew that I was in the right place. Tracey and Jenn’s experience and education made the course run smoothly, provided lots of learning opportunities, and they had many stories to enhance my education. Their passion for what they did made it easy for me to relax at the barn, to know that I was in the right place, and that EAL was what I wanted to learn. Not only did Tracey and Jenn provide a fabulous course, and make you feel at home, Gayle and Janice, the founders, were there and added even more learning and experience to the course. I was totally hooked on the program and loved watching the changes in participants after each activity we ran. Now I can’t tell you what an amazing program this was without mentioning the horses that made it all possible. The horses at Dreamwinds know their job and love doing, probably as much as Tracey does. They are eager to participate and even help to guide and encourage participants. I have never experienced learning in this manner, but now that I have become certified as an EAL facilitator, I can’t wait to share these experiences with others. Through the frustrations, laughs, tears, and victories of this learning experience, I never once felt alone. I knew that everyone at Dreamwinds was there to support me and I couldn’t have asked for a better course, experience, or opportunity. I can’t wait to go back and visit Dreamwinds as it became the foundation of my life changing experiences, and a place I’ll never forget.

Heather WilsonCertified EAL Facilitator

The week that confirmed a new way of thinking and the beginning of a ‘new’ life!! November 29, 2016 to December 2, 2016 was marked on my calendar as the week that I was to be attending Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre to learn about the fascinating opportunities to use the intuitiveness and sensitivity of the horse’s natural instincts to assist individuals of all ages to learn more about life skills, communication, leadership and teamwork. I knew from the onset that the week was going to be an amazing experience but I never fathomed what and impactful and insightful journey it would be. I watched individuals overcome fear and trepidation, I watched people come together to work efficiently as a team, and I watched them find courage, strength, and confidence, but most of all I watched lives being shaped and transformed. It was an experience like non-other. The horses did not judge, they did not ridicule, they did not pick favourites, they merely reacted in ways that lead an individual to realize in their own way, and at their own comfort level that there are different ways of thinking/doing things. The horses were the teachers and inspired an amazing journey that truly needs to be experienced in order to be fully appreciated. I can guarantee without any doubt, that one session in an EAL program will provide a unique and fun experience, but most of all it will change your perspective and give you insight that no other program can. I highly recommend Equine Assisted Learning as a unique opportunity for personal growth and development for individuals of any age. It is a program that offers a safe, fun, and interactive experiential learning process that cannot be duplicated because the horse teaches valuable lessons on how to exist in a social setting, how decisions, and how to move on. The horses truly give meaning and understanding to the phrase, “don’t sweat the small stuff,” and they do so in a way no one else can. Thank you Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre for a a truly amazing and life changing week!

Betty HageyCertified EAL Facilitator

A truly amazing week. This week exceeded my expectations of the course. Tracey has a depth of knowledge which is truly impressive.

Certified EAL Facilitator

I had a great time! Tracey and Jenn made the experience fun and accessible. I feel confident and ready to get my business running right away.

Certified EAL Facilitator

All the instructors are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I finished the course with confidence that I have a great system to follow and a great support system that I can rely on.

Certified EAL Facilitator

Amazing course full of information theory and best of all, fun! Tracey and Jenn are very hands on and will keep you on your toes. Highly recommend this class if this is the field you are interested in!

Certified EAL Facilitator

Tracey and Jenn at Dreamwinds provided a meaningful, hands-on learning experience. At the end of your five days, you will be off and running, ready to start your EAL business. The best part was becoming directly involved as a facilitator in training on day one. Thank you for a great program.

Certified EAL Facilitator

I would highly recommend the EAL facilitator course with Tracey at Dreamwinds. Tracey and Jennifer present a hands on and professional experience combined with a fun and educational learning environment. Extremely useful information that I can use every day in my personal and equine relationships. Thanks!

Certified EAL Facilitator

Despite being around horses for 25 years, I had not been able to find a way to combine my passion for horses with my passion for leadership and group dynamics. I now know my path and know that horses will and can remain contract to my future success. Thank you for helping me to realize that I truly can do something I love.

Jessica MiksaCertified EAL Facilitator

Dreamwinds EAL Certification course provided a great mix of easy to follow in class instruction and practice opportunities to develop and hone my skills and expertise as an EAL Facilitator. The reference material and exercise manual have been an invaluable resource as I set up my own services. Tracey continues to be a wonderful resource herself, as I work through the business side of my services. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to provide life skills and personal growth opportunities to a range of clients in an innovative way.

Sue CarrCommunity Healthcare Consulting

This experience was once again beyond what words can properly do justice to, or adequately describe.

2017 EAL Symposium Attendee

This weekend was amazing in refocusing and re-energizing my path in establishing my program. The importance of networking within the EAL community cannot be overstated. It was amazing to be able to speak to and with the founders of the program.

2017 EAL Symposium Attendee

Exceptional, high quality training that will provide the necessary tools you need to provide high quality services. Fun and interactive learning

2017 EAL Symposium Attendee

The EAL Symposium at Dreamwinds was a life-changer. I am so excited to belong to a community who can come together to focus on personal growth, business development and how to move our industry forward in a collaborative way.

2017 EAL Symposium Attendee

The EAL Symposium was extremely beneficial for receiving new information and networking. This truly is the best community and it’s amazing how supportive everyone is of each other.

2017 EAL Symposium Attendee

Dreamwinds is an excellent facility with incredible and organized facilitators. They care and create an excellent environment for personal and professional growth!

2017 EAL Symposium Attendee

Once again, I loved the experience. Meeting the founders from Cartier Farms was wonderful. I found contacts to help and looking forward to building the DREAM. Thank you Tracey and everyone involved with helping out put this all together.

2017 EAL Symposium Attendee

The hands-on experience was fantastic. Having the founders of the program reinforce their vision, objectives and share their knowledge was the best experience ever.

2017 EAL Symposium Attendee