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Leadership Development

Interested in a new approach to leadership development?

Leadership Development Programs

They say if you do what you’ve always done you will get what you always gotten. The same can be said for leadership training. You’re no doubt very familiar with the same old classroom based, self assessment, 360 assessment leadership training approach year after year. Not much has changed over the years in this landscape…until now.

Introducing a brand new experiential approach to leadership development.

One that drives self-awareness and real behavioural change. We bring the theory to life with the addition of horse-led objective based training exercises.

The premise is simple. Horses are looking for a leader. They want a leader who is:

  • Confident
  • Consistent
  • Communicating Clearly
  • Compassionate

The same kind of leader we want to be and work for, right?

Each workshop is the perfect balance of theory and practical training to deliver an engaging and powerful learning experience. Founded in behavioural modification theory, our objective based exercises provide the practical application of leadership skills while our horses deliver real time performance feedback to ensure students learn to get it right. The experience is unforgettable, the learning is transformative and the behaviour sticks!

Choose from 4 Workshops

Complete all 4 full day Leadership Workshops to achieve the Leadership Mastery Certificate

The Enlightened Leader

For new leaders or those seeking improved performance and followership from their team

  • Gain awareness of personal leadership style
  • Learn the leadership behaviours that drive performance
  • Learn to adapt style to individuals and situations effectively

Servant Leadership

For leaders seeking to evolve their own leadership style and organizations building a culture of empowerment and growth

  • Defining leadership character, understand your Emotional Intelligence
  • The strength of compassion and humility
  • Lead with authenticity & integrity to develop and empowered team

Harnessing the Power of a Diverse Team

Ideal for new teams, cross-functional teams and existing teams that need to improve leadership within the team, unify and drive performance

  • Identify team strengths and unify diverse performance
  • Understand communication styles and how to overcome differences
  • Create connections that break down silos, enable alignment and drive results

Leading for Innovation

For organizations and teams seeking to drive innovation and creativity within their teams

  • Recognize blind spots and address fears of risk and change
  • Undo years of colouring inside the lines and unleash creativity
  • Enhance team problem solving, challenge conventional thinking to build culture of innovation

Flexible Formats

Half-DayMost Popular$425

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Providing the perfect balance of hands on learning and classroom coaching to identify, adapt and implement the skills and behaviours for success.

  • 4 hour program
  • 3 EAL Exercises

*Catering $40/person
(Includes breakfast pastries, 3 course hot lunch, coffee, tea & assorted cold beverages)

Minimum of 10 participants