Turning your “One Day” into a Dream Come True

Turning your “One Day” into a Dream Come True

Our Story of ‘One Day’

It’s a familiar saying, ‘one day’. Those 2 words that all too often get replaced by “never”. Growing up my dad and I shared a passion for horses, but just never had the means or opportunity to indulge. As we drove by fields of horses he would so often say “ONE DAY we’ll have our horse farm.”  

It was nothing but a pipe dream.

A dream that I never truly let go of, but also never consciously set my sights on. Until 2011 when my husband, Dirk said why don’t we buy a farm and move our 2 horses home. I think I had our house listed before he even got all the words out! And suddenly “one day” became a real possibility and my lifelong dream of having horses at home was about to come true. That was as far as my vision went the day they came home – July 14, 2012. But once they were home, my dreams amplified.

What if I could make a living here?

What if I could work with my horses to build a fulfilling career? 

One dream fulfilled and another one born. 7 years later I still pinch myself. Dreamwinds is truly the story of “one day”. 

What does your “one day” look like? I’m often asked how I did it. 

And when I think about it, I think I just did it. But there were a few things I did and continue to do that make it all possible. Based on many discussions over the years it also seems that 3 of these things are what often prevent people from reaching for their dreams. So if you have a “one day” that you would like to make a reality here are 

3 tips to get you started:

  1. BELIEVE it is possible. “One day” is a dismissal. An admission that you don’t really think it can happen. You need to stop thinking in terms of “one day” and start thinking in terms of “when”. Change your thinking, change how you talk about it and it can change your path. “One day I’ll have a farm” vs “When I have a farm”. Hear the difference? What we think, we become. Whatever your dream, start thinking of it as a reality..today!
  2. PLAN FOR SUCCESS. Define what it is you want and what you’ll do to get there. If you’re launching a business, write a business plan. If you want to take a year off to cruise the world, map it out. As Lewis Carroll said “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”. Take the time to make a plan. Not only will it give you direction, it will inspire action! and lastly…
  3. READY OR NOT – begin. Maybe your dream takes an investment. Maybe it requires you to make big changes or take risks. For whatever reason, you’re not quite ready. Here’s the kicker. You will never be ready. I had just left the security of my corporate career and jumped into a new equine business that was unproven and in many cases unheard of with a need to replace my income. Was I ready? Heck no! Don’t wait until you think you’re ready, that just wastes time. That doesn’t mean you have to jump in with both feet, but taking small steps builds momentum. Soon you won’t be able to slow yourself down and each day you’ll be closer and closer to making that dream a reality!

I hope you take steps today to make your “one day” a reality!


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